After Dark: The Slidebar Rock-N-Roll Cafe in Fullerton

Barry Koltnow, Orange County Register
December 10, 2008

Here comes the understatement of the year.

Are you ready? We're not going to say this twice. Pay attention.

It's good to be a rock star.

Earth-shattering, wasn't it?

You probably thought that you already knew that.

After all, rock stars get the money. They get to travel in private jets. They get to live in fancy homes. They get to drive exotic cars. They get to bask in the adulation of their fans. And they get the girls. Sorry to be crass, but it's true.

As if they didn't get enough in this lifetime, they also get to buy restaurants. Just what they needed - more fun.

Jeremy Popoff is a rock star. He is the guitarist in the band Lit, a group straight outta Fullerton that has gone on to achieve fame and fortune.

But they never forgot their roots. In fact, the band still lives in the Fullerton area, and you can find some of them most nights hanging out in Jeremy's joint The Slidebar in downtown Fullerton.

In March, 2006, Popoff teamed with local nightclub entrepreneur Sean Francis (he also owns the ´┐Żbercool Continental Room) to open The Slidebar Rock-N-Roll Caf´┐Ż in downtown Fullerton.

The nightspot is many things - a restaurant with a first-class chef, a live-music venue, a wild bar and patio scene and a rock 'n' roll museum. You can trace the roots of the Orange County music scene by studying the walls of The Slidebar.