Spot Check: The Slidebar’s Totally 80′s Tuesdays

August 25, 2010

If you’re one of the people who tunes in to our Roq of the 80′s HD radio station more often than KROQ, then listen up.

Every Tuesday night, the Slidebar in Downtown Fullerton hosts an 80′s night with our own Sonik DJ from the KROQ Promo Crew spinning the best 80′s jams all night long. Throw in $2 draft beers, cheap tacos (2 for $1), some of their famous mac n’ cheese, and a great crowd, and you get one hell of a night.

Last night, I cruised out to Slidebar with the promo crew to see what all the fuss was about. And let me tell you, it was the best decision I’ve made in a while.

A few of the promo guys, Beer Mug and myself piled into a KROQ rig and headed down to Fullerton for what we assumed was going to be a pretty wild night.  If you’ve never been or never heard of Slidebar, it’s located in Downtown Fullerton and ran by the dudes in Lit. On any given night, you can find the guys hanging out and mingling with the crowd. A ton of bands have also made their way through there (Avenged Sevenfold recently celebrated their #1 album there), and there’s tons of memorabilia on the walls from some of the biggest rock bands around. It also played host to the most recent Ms. Double D-cember Pageant.

DRINKS: You can’t beat $2 draft beers, and that goes for any beer they serve there. Quite a few of these were consumed last night, and it helps that it didn’t break my wallet (which is pretty thin when you’re on KROQ’s payroll). You can also count on any mixed drink being the way it should be, extra stiff.

FOOD: Sure there’s 2 for $1 tacos, but the real magic of Slidebar is their mac n’ cheese. Just ask anyone who’s been there and tried it. Beer Mug hyped up the Albacore, but I was too busy stuffing my face with their tasty fries. Their chef is legit so you really can’t go wrong with anything there. It’s definitely not the same crappy bar food you get at most other places.

MUSIC: It’s 80′s night, so expect to hear nothing but classics all night long. Tons of people were singing along to pretty much every song that was played, and Sonik DJ is pretty good about playing requests (although he couldn’t squeeze in “Send Me An Angel” before I left). On other nights, they usually have some good bands playing inside and/or on the patio.

VIBE: It’s a rock n’ roll cafe, so it’s usually a pretty cool crowd. There’s a ton of tattoos and piercings, and plenty of hot girls to go around. There’s a random D-Bag here and there, but that’s what you can expect pretty much anywhere. It’s close to Cal State Fullerton, so during the school year count on buying some college co-eds a few drinks. Nights usually go incident-free and everyone seems to be pretty chill with each other.

OVERALL:  A great place to come and kick it if you’re in the Fullerton area. Great environment and the staff there is cool as f**k. Can’t say I’ve ever had a bad time when I’ve been there, and last night was no exception. So head over there, grab some cheap drinks then devour some of their delicious food.