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Our third year running and every year, the TIG OL BITTY winter collaboration beer just keeps getting tastier and tastier.

Thanks to the knowledgable staff at Fullerton's own, award-winning BOOTLEGGER'S BREWERY, the limited edition Douple Hopped Plae Ale manages to combine some very robust flavor for seasoned beer drinkers, all while staying appraiochable and easy to sip. What does all that mean for the most of us - well, you can have a few of 'em and not feel like rolling over and falling asleep from being so full.

Coinciding with the upcoming KROQ Miss Double December live broadcast with Kevin and Bean, this is now the third version of the Pale Ale that has a bit of fun with the theme of the day. Bootlegger's and Slidebar will be offering the beer for a very limited amount of time.


Soco Music Showcase Finalized - (July 24 2014)

We are pretty excited to see the dates and artists all set for our second official SoCo Music Showcase. The aim here is VERY simple, we are looking to spotlight homegrown talent without having to do the lame pay to play thing. The prize here is what all working artists need - cash and gear. Guitar Center is onboard for the second year as our partner to help deliver the goods - now it's time for the music.

Here are the bands and the show dates for the first round. One winner will be selected from each night. Four bands will be performing in the finals and one band is going to walk with cash in hand. #SupportLocalMusic 

Aug. 6th

Cape Mandala | SHAFTO | Wetwood Smokes | Watch For Horses

Aug. 13th

Triple Dog Dare | Still Phantoms | Electro City | Speakout! | Skariginals

Aug. 20th

Sorizon | A New Challenger Approaches | By Design | Behind The Fallen

Aug. 27th

Tenfold | The Machine Age | Nastalja | Spanish Love Songs | Nocturne Radio

Soco Music Showcase Finalized

Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On - (July 21 2014)

As a few of you maky have seen/tasted, there are some new things happening in our kitchen. We are very excited about welcoming some new faces to the Slidebar team and even more excited to refresh our menu with some different options that emphasize the idea of being fresh and sourcing locally. From the meat to the vegetables, everything cooking up in the kitchen is fresh made with love and care. Keep your eyes peeled for more happenings here - there's lots to taste.


Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On