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Service Industry Wednesdays - (October 23 2015)

If you work for tips, we got your Wednesdays covered. Spend your humpday on the patio with us at Slidebar and come equipped with your paystub. If you work in the service industry, you get call cocktails for $5 all night. It's that simple. Everyone from servers and bartenders, to barbers and hairstylists, the aim is make this place an in-week home for foks that take their weekend a few days earlier than everyone else. 

Food specials, lively tunes, great deals on cocktails in a comfortable environment for those that see it all. Slidebar loves you.



Service Industry Wednesdays

HAPPY HOUR IS HAPPY AGAIN - (February 11 2015)

In an effort to figure out how we can best serve the great folks that walk through our doors, we have done some retooling. All of us here at Slidebar really try and listen to what you guys want and unanimously, Happy Hour was one of things that popped up pretty passionately.

We hear ya, loud and clear.

Happy hour at Slidebar is officially back. With afternoon delight pricing on pints, schooners, our extensive appetizer menu, and specailty pricing on our craft beer collection, there is plenty to choose from. To accommodate people that work non-traditional hours, we have opened this up from Noon to 7pm, Monday through Friday.

Thank you for voicing your ooncerns - we hope Happy hour is officially happy for you again. Come visit us soon.




Our third year running and every year, the TIG OL BITTY winter collaboration beer just keeps getting tastier and tastier.

Thanks to the knowledgable staff at Fullerton's own, award-winning BOOTLEGGER'S BREWERY, the limited edition Douple Hopped Plae Ale manages to combine some very robust flavor for seasoned beer drinkers, all while staying appraiochable and easy to sip. What does all that mean for the most of us - well, you can have a few of 'em and not feel like rolling over and falling asleep from being so full.

Coinciding with the upcoming KROQ Miss Double December live broadcast with Kevin and Bean, this is now the third version of the Pale Ale that has a bit of fun with the theme of the day. Bootlegger's and Slidebar will be offering the beer for a very limited amount of time.